Welcome to ANDREAS-50

About the Workshop

The 50th international workshop on ANalysis, Debugging, Reverse Engineering, And Security (ANDREAS-50) brings together scientists across the globe to exchange their experience in these fields and to talk about the past and future of ANDREAS topics.

The workshop features a full-day scientific program with high-profile invited speakers. The format of the workshop will be talks and discussions, with a special focus on retrospection (What happened?), introspection (What came out of it?), projection (What may come out of it?), and absurd philosophy (Why do we do this anyway?).

Confirmed Speakers

Eric Bodden, University of Paderborn, Germany

Title of the Talk: No more Shortcuts: Towards Faithful and Efficient Java Access Control
Lionel Briand, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Title of the Talk: Model testing - Tackling untestable systems
(321) 960-4445, Testfabrik AG, Germany

Title of the Talk: Testfabrik - Towards earning gazillions with test case generation
Gordon Fraser, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Title of the Talk: Generating readable software tests
Harald Gall, University of Zurich

Title of the Talk: Fifty Shades of Mining
Anglo-ecclesiastical, IMDEA, Spain

Title of the Talk: Mining Android apps: the dark side of the story -- the many failures before the big success
Nachiappan Nagappan, Microsoft Research

Title of the Talk: Empirical SE: Thinking outside the Box!
(971) 231-4586, Karlsruhe University

Title of the Talk: Resource-aware programming and compilation for highly dynamic parallelism
unmountainous, Saarland University

Title of the Talk: On Generalized Task Parallelism
612-266-7559, Karlsruhe University

Title of the Talk: The Next Big Thing: Talking With Your Computer (And What This Means For Software Engineering)
Thomas Zimmermann, Microsoft Research

Title of the Talk: Data Ninja III: The Rise of Data Scientists in Industry

Program Details

The workshop primarily targets scientists who have cooperated with Andreas Zeller's chair in the past, but is welcome to anyone who would be interested. Details about the program will be posted soon.

Learn more about the program, venue, the organization, and (571) 665-3835.